About Us

Would you like to know who’s behind the rather insane idea to sell highly customized model cars to order at scale?

We’re a team of two Builders based in Ontario, Canada who love to bring creations to life, refuse to accept the impossible, and absolutely don’t know when (or possibly how) to quit. Moddables has been a dream in the making for the last 4 years, and we are deliriously excited that we’re finally introducing it to the world. The concept for Moddables is rooted in our passion for our hobbies: we are classic BMW car enthusiasts who understand that cars are an amazing representation of freedom and individuality, and we never truly stopped being those kids who loved model cars. We wanted to create the opportunity for everyone to experience our dream of the future individualized miniature car collecting.

Planning for Moddables first began in 2019, in a sunroom decorated with BBS wheels, spoilers, and other unique classic BMW parts. As we wrote out our business plan, the motivating factors were clear: we wanted to create a system that made it easy for any car enthusiast in the world to put those parts they have worked hard to obtain onto their project cars, as well as parts they can’t find or afford, at least in model form. We are makers at heart, and our dream is to build Moddables in a manner that appeals to all who decorate their sunrooms with car parts.

After jumping through several hoops, our first Moddables prototype of an E34 touring was finally put together in 2022, three years after the initial planning. It still had a long way to go before we presented it to the world, but it was a start.

After many design sessions, painfully refining our manufacturing processes through trial and error, and marketing & branding sessions to build up the image of Moddables, we finally made it to a point where we could share our work with the world. In January 2024, we put together the most recent Moddables prototype, an E30 convertible modeled after Lars’ 1990 320i Calypso-rot E30.

Thank you for your interest in Moddables and our team. We hope that you will consider supporting us during our upcoming Kickstarter campaign so that we can cross the finish line and make Moddables a reality.

– Paul & Lars